In 2014 I started Wolfman Editions, as a way to make accessible artist editions for gallery shows I was hosting. Over the years, this has grown into poetry, criticism, and nonfiction book projects; a residency program, and most recently, a print magazine.


Wolfman Editions

Since 2014, Wolfman Editions has published low-cost prints, postcards, zines, and other objects.

Artists we've worked with include:Grace Rosario Perkins, The Third Thing, Zoe Dering, Joel Gregory, Judy Bals, The Blues, Patricia Sazani, DWIF-DWEST, Soleil Summer, and more. Our most recent project is called "Greetings from Oakland", and is composed of limited edition postcards by 31 mostly Oakland-based artists. 


Wolfman Books

Starting in 2015, we began publishing more traditional books, beginning with poet Jacob Kahn's A Circuit of Yields. Since then we've published Maximum Sunlight, a long-form nonfiction exploration of life in an isolated Nevada town; The Black Aesthetic Magazine, a collection of essays and projects about Black independent film; The Bigness of Things, a book celebrating and interrogating the legacy of New Narrative writers and the artists associated with them. Most recently, we've launched our own quarterly magazine, Wolfman New Life Quarterly, of art, essays, fiction, and interviews.


new writing from
Lindsey Boldt, Justin Carder, Matt Carney, Pia Cortez, Leora Friedman, Madeline Gobbo, Blair Johnson, Jacob Kahn, Jordan Karnes, Rachel Khong, Nicole Lavelle, Tara Marsden, Louise McCune, Margaret McCarthy, Holly Meadows-Smith, Claire Mullen, Zoé Samudzi, Avery Trufelman, Miranda Tsang, Leila Weefur, Maya Weeks, Jennifer Williams, and Akande X

conversations with
Stephen Steinbrink, Jennifer Williams, Jenny Odell, Abdullah Shakur, Umeko Motoyoshi, Jeff Cheung, Gabriel Ramirez, Jessie Alsop, Lena Sok, Yalie Kamara, Sarah Simon, and Astrid Elisabeth

art by
Lukaza Branfman-Verissimo, Samantha Espinoza,  Abdullah Shakur, Paolo Yumol, @laurencesss, and Coco Spencer

books curated by
Rachel Khong

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Edited by Daniel Benjamin and Eric Sneathen

The Bigness of Things surveys the intersection of New Narrative, San Francisco’s queer- and punk-infused writing avant-garde, and visual culture, through photographs and essays on visual art, literary journals, and film.

Essays by Matt Sussman, Brandon Callender, Jamie Townsend, Stephanie Young, Ismail Muhammad, Syd Staiti, Brandon Brown

Art from the Homes of Bruce Boone, Robert Glück, Jocely Saidenberg, Dodie Bellamy and Kevin Killian

Stills from the Films of Marc Huestis, Abigail Child, Cecilia Dougherty, and Leslie Singer



A collective investigation into the multiplicity of Black identities, through the lens of Black indie films.
• 94 pages
• 25 black & white images
• Contributors: Ryanaustin Dennis, Christian Johnson, Anaiis Cisco, Yetunde Olagbaju, Jamal Batts, Malika Imhotep, Jordan Brown, and Leila Weefur
• cover: Soleil Summer



Meagan Day and Hannah Klein

Maximum Sunlight, from journalist Meagan Day and photographer Hannah Klein, is a journey into Tonopah, Nevada—a small city in the middle of the five-hundred-mile stretch of HWY 95 between Las Vegas and Reno. 

Maximum Sunlight, takes readers to Tonopah to try and find what exactly it is that’s out there. Told through a series of candid interviews and observations of town life, the book attempts to get beyond the stories people want to tell about a place—or don’t want to tell—into some kind of truth.

It is a tightly observed, thought-provoking, and at times heartbreaking tour of a place that’s strange and conflicted and, in a way, unlike anywhere else—but also a lot like a lot of America. Just not the America many ever get to see.



Jacob Kahn

A Circuit of Yields takes us into a world of frosted dandelions, of grandfathers piled high into silos, across crinoline heartlands with a fine inland rash, to the Providence county jail, to Promethean craters, Hiroshima present day, and Florida at dawn. It is a world of immediate pearls, calculated risk, buffalo semen found in a feldspar hole; populated by thumb berries, lamented toes, headless eagles, clipped swallows and stingrays. 

A Circuit of Yields offers advice for giants on dozens of topics from kissing to mapping to digging, discusses the proper procedures for wading, hoping, eating, dressing and more.

It is a useful book for giants and non-giants alike.


Trailers for Wolfman Books projects