Starting in 2011, I have created and designed products for 826 National stores and in 2015, I designed an entire store's worth of items for the launch of Oakland-based nonprofit, Chapter 510's storefront. Other clients include: Daughter's Granola, and the SF Neo-Futurists.

Chapter 510 + The Department of Make Believe

A couple years ago, I designed (along with a ton of input from Chapter 510 and a great community design brainstorm event!), a whole ton of products for the Department of Make Believe, a sort of magical bureaucracy that benefit's Chapter 510's free writing programs.


826 Valencia

For several years I was the Pirate Store director at 826 Valencia. While I worked there, I designed dozens of products for their storefront and also art directed and conceptualized dozens more with the amazing pirate store staff. Many of my products are featured in Essentially Odd, a catalog of 826 storefront design.

Daughter's Granola

Since Emilie Coulson founded Daughter's Granola, I've been designing and redesigning their labels and packaging. Daughter's is the best! 

SF Neo Futurists Shirt

Check out this great shirt! For a great group of humans!