Some places I've worked on and created. I'm interested in access and wonder, community gathering, sharing and connection.

E.M. Wolfman General Interest Small Bookstore

In 2014 I founded Wolfman Books in Oakland. Part of that founding was turning an old storefront with ugly indoor-outdoor carpet and acoustic tile drop ceilings into a good looking place to be. I built the store with help from Joel Gregory, Zoe Dering, Jenny Williams, and Emji Spero. Thanks dudes! 

Larry Spring Museum of Commonsense Physics

In 2012 I went to Fort Bragg to help found a museum based on the work of amateur physicist, Larry Spring. I designed exhibits and generally fixed up and organized Larry's workshop into an accessible museum that hosts regular physics-related events and artist residencies. 

826 DC + Museum of Unnatural History

I was on the team responsible for the opening of 826 DC's first storefront, The Museum of Unnatural History. Working with a team that included National Geographic staff, Dave Eggers, and the amazing Oliver Munday, we designed exhibits, created way-finding signage, and made interactive features for the quirky storefront.