Good Swimmer is a web-based events organizing platform that allows users to create and share art events.

Users can follow their favorite creators and art spaces—and share curated “playlists” of events, spaces and artists they’re passionate about.




The need for an artist-created community support structure is greater than ever. Our current methods of organizing rely on a mix of platforms (Facebook, Instagram, email lists, etc.) that are disconnected, mixed up, and do not always have our best interests or even our preferences in mind. 

The “Good Swimmer” platform will make it easy for creators to connect with their audiences and audiences to connect with creators. The platform will make it easier for users to find events curated by and for their communities—that they’re actually interested in attending. This increased connection, centrality, and ongoing interaction will ensure that our robust arts community will be able to survive and thrive! 



1. Create sharable event listings with images.

2. Curate shareable “playlists” that aggregate activity from spaces and creators. 

3. View a feed of upcoming events and save them to a  calendar within the app.

4. Discover artists, spaces and lists through “discover” page.

5. Create a “profile page” with basic info about the user, their public lists, and an image.

6. Create a “space page” with detailed space info, all upcoming and past events created, and a public calendar.

7. That’s it! for now!



“Good Swimmer” has the support of Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, the Bay Area’s contemporary arts museum. The project will be released in conjunction with their public programming.


We are currently engaging in interviews with prominent curators, artists, and organizers whose insight will be integrated into an updated prototype.

We are looking for a programmer who is excited about this and can help make this project a reality. We have a small budget in the form of a grant from YBCA, and are ready and able to fundraise as necessary.

Our projected timeline for having complete wireframes ready to build is January 2020. Maybe sooner. We have a version done now if you want to see it.