Making interesting events happen since way back.

Wolfman 3X Series


Wolfman 3X is an interdisciplinary performance series created for the New Life Quarterly Bookstore storefront, curated and organized by Jacob Kahn. The idea is we do three small performances (the space really can only contain about 15 people at a time) three times a night. This way we can accommodate a regular sized crowd in a really small space, and we also can create a really intimate performance situation, open to new works and performances designed for really small groups.


Press Mall '16

press mall.jpg

A month long event celebrating small press and art book publishers from the Bay. Curated by Mirro Editions and Wolfman Books, this month-long takeover of the shop includes: 

Nomadic Press, Colpa Press, Timeless, Infinite Light, Irrelevant Press, McSweeney's, EGGY PRESS, How to Have a Creative Process, Mirro Editions, Wolfman Books, Oatmeal Magazine, Unity Press, TBW Books, Open Windows Cooperative

Release parties and readings from: David Buuck • Danielle LaFrance • Cassandra Troyan, The International Cup Makers Union, Daughter's Tongue Coalition, Oatmeal Magazine

Creative process workshop by
Jennifer Williams

A collaborative zine making station beginning Dec. 1

A Circuit of Yields Book Release

I like to make interesting and unique events happen! To celebrate the release of A Circuit of Yields by poet Jacob Kahn, we decided to do a summer solstice reading and performance at Lake Anza with specially commissioned dance performances by Ava Rosen, Jennifer Williams, readings, and more. Also swimming! 


Talks at (No)Dome


Curated and hosted a set of talks at the NoDome festival in Oakland. Featuring talks by Amy Langer of the SF Neo-Futurists, Matt Carney of Silo Homes, Avery Trufelman of 99 Percent Invisible, and me. We looked at the idea of the dome from historical, theoretical, and sonic perspectives. Also the posters doubled as a sort of utopian coloring contest. 


The Hundy


The Hundy was dreamed up with poet Zack Haber. 100 poets in 15 days. It's a crazy thing to do. Tons of amazing poets have read at this! We've done it twice so far. We may do it again. Who knows?


Dan Weiss Institute for Dan Weiss Studies + Technologies

Also known as DWIF DWEST. A month long installation and event series co-organized with Dan Weiss. Featuring tons of lectures, performances and artworks. So fun.

Timeless Infinite Light Book Release at Sutro Baths

This was a book release co-organized with Tmeless, Infinite Light. We did readings and performances all over Sutro Baths, and we all wore matching vests that we made special for the performance.